Brand Story

Labstory, the best prescription for beautiful skin, has been invented and developed to achieve the innovative solution for improving your skin by solving skin problems fundamentally through clinical research and experiment.

Labstory has been developed as highly functional cosmeceuticals with the prescriptions by skin biologists and dermatologists through putting together the nature and science to achieve the fundamental improvement for skin conditions by the partnerships with research institutions and cosmeceutical companies world-wide.

All of Labstory products have the principles to develop and to produce the products by composing the stability and functionality of nature-friendly ingredient by making sure of skin improvement with completing its products by minimizing skin irritation and maximizing the functionality as well. Furthermore, all of Labstory products are highly functional cosmeceuticals by choosing the best ingredients selectively through scientific formula technology.

Labstory brings impressive value to your skin, who desire for the most and eternal beauty, by prescribed with based on your skin safety.

Brand Meaning

Labstory will be the best and right solution key which turns back time of your skin with the prescription based on the most advanced dermatology.

Design Concept

Labstory brand concept represents professional product image and the trust for Labstory brand prescribed by dermatologist with based on scientific formula technology.

Moderate colors and simple design are signs for fine tuning of younger taste and bright and healthy intention of our company and are signs for the responsibilities for the society and customers’skins.

Our design concept implies the principle of Labstory products by using the stable and trustable sense of tuning of color blending and the blending of the pure nature andthe advanced dermatology not only to heightens the reliability for our company,butalso consumer-oriented and high-tech company images with the expression of modernsense.

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